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All Natural Birth of Gabriella 6th November 2008 (Liverpool Hospital)

Gabriella's Birth 6th November 2008

 I can be a fairly anxious person, so when I read about doula’s in one of the many childbirth books I had read – I knew I could definitely benefit from having one present during my labour.

 I jumped online immediately and found the findadoula website and sent off a whole bunch of emails! I had a few responses but Jenny’s profile stood out most in my mind and after meeting her, my partner and I knew she would be the right doula for me! I explained to Jenny that I wanted to have a natural birth with no drugs (except gas) and I wanted to avoid any potential for medical intervention. From the very outset Jenny made me feel comfortable that she understood & supported my wishes and she explained the many different ways that she could help make my child birth experience as relaxing & natural as possible!

Throughout the course of my pregnancy, I met with Jenny a number of times and she always displayed a very calm and relaxed demeanour – which helped me to be calm and relaxed about my impending birth. Jenny always had an abundance of information about the various alternative methods I could use during my pregnancy and labour and she also leant me a number of books to read and absorb information from. If I was feeling anxious about things before I met with Jenny, she always helped to diminish any fears that I had after meeting with her!
When I went into labour, I called Jenny and she came over straight away with her ‘doula kit’ on hand! As my labour got more difficult Jenny suggested many different ways in which I could relax and make the experience more comfortable. When things got unbearable, Jenny was always there with words of encouragement to let me know that everything was normal and I was doing a great job. Jenny also helped to keep my partner and my sister calm during the labour because at times they became quite distressed - so I wasn’t the only person to benefit from having Jen present!
Jenny never once lost her patience with me, even when I was at the end of my tether. She always reminded me of how well I was doing, and what stage of labour I was at which I found really reassuring because the clock seemed to be ticking by very slowly! Jen communicated with the hospital staff on my behalf and because of the birth plan Jen helped me to prepare during my pregnancy – the hospital was also aware of all my wishes and how I wanted things to be dealt with.
After a 17 hour labour, my beautiful little girl was born – naturally and with no drugs involved! My partner was able to help deliver our little girl and also cut the cord which was something he was really hoping to do! I know we would not have achieved this, if it weren’t for Jenny’s presence! My birthing experience was the most memorable and amazing moment of my life, and I am very thankful that Jenny was a part of it. When I left the birthing unit, the midwife mentioned to me that my birth plan was the very first birth plan that they had been able to fulfil which was really amazing and all thanks to Jen!
I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking for a doula – and I will certainly be giving her a call when I have my next child!
 I will be forever thankful to Jenny for everything she did for me and my family – I am glad that I chose her as my doula!

(Sarah & Karl)