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Supported Birth of Marley (Prempuri) 1st April 2008 (RPA Labour Ward)

Marley (Prempuri's) Birth 1st April 2008

 Jenny was my Doula for my first baby and is now my good friend and she will no doubt be there for my next. She lent me her self confidence in times I needed it, she always looked out for my emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing both through my pregnancy & birth of my little boy but most of all she gave me faith in my ability to give birth to my baby and to trust my instincts as a mother.

Thank you Jenny for being there through my long and difficult labour, I felt completley relaxed and at ease at you being by my side. I have experienced first hand your passion for being there for mums, dads & babies and you have inspired me to reach for what I am passionate about, to work with mothers & babies also. Thank you for your support, love & friendship to my family which I know will be reciprocated for years to come.

Rowena (Ganga) & Johnny