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Supported Birth of Callum 1st February 2008 (RPA Labour Ward)

Callums birth (1st February 2008)

Arrival of our beautiful boy Callum born via ceasarean at RPA after a long and exhausting labour.

Although Callum’s birth was nothing like what we had hoped for I found Jen in her role as our doula to be incredibly helpful. It was lovely to have someone who was familiar with us and our ideas who was with us through the pregnancy and labour. In labour the hospital midwives are really only there to do the medical checks and monitor your progress – they don’t have time to help you cope with labour. Jen was able to help me re-focus when I was feeling overwhelmed and suggest different positions or techniques which might help me cope. She was calm, supportive, encouraging and never imposed her ideas on what we should do or how we should be feeling.

I also found it reassuring Jen was there as support for Ben during the labour, especially when things were difficult and when we had to make decisions we were hoping not to have to make. Having support (such as a doula) during pregnancy and labour for you and your partner made a big difference to how confident we felt in dealing with what is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) times in your life.

I think it was helpful to have a birth plan as it made us think about what we wanted but I found the hospital did most things that we wanted as routine. For me it was also useful to have someone who was not a family member or friend so I felt I could be completely honest without having to worry about upsetting anyone or hurting their feelings. I would definitely recommend having a doula and I think it is essential you find someone you ‘connect’ with as they are going to be with you on one of the most challenging and amazing experiences. 

 Holly & Ben