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All Natural Birth of Gaolin 11th August 2007 (RPA Birth Centre)

Birth of Gaolin (11th August 2007)

I was Extremely grateful to have Jen My doula and my husband by my side. Without Jenny I would probably not have managed. I realize now more than ever how important it is to have that extra support person next to you, there is so much to do: someone has to go out heat the heat packs, someone has to help you to move around, someone has to help you to fill the bath with warm water, help you to the shower, massage you, advise you of the position to take, give you encouragement and also be able to have time to have a cuppa and take a rest themselves. There is no way my partner could have done all of that on his own.
Jen is my angel! I really don’t know what I could have done without her. My labour was not easy, in fact it seemed like it was never going to end. After hours of what we believed to be regular contractions I was told to go back home as I was not dilated, few hours later we came back and after quite a while when I believed the pain could have not get worst I was checked and was told that I was only 2-3cm dilated. I wanted to cry.. Going from 2/3cm to 10cm seemed an impossible task. I could not understand how I could only be 2/3 cm. Even the midwife seemed concerned and Asked how I felt I was going, I didn’t know what to say. I felt really upset but thanks to Jennies words of encouragements I have gained some hope. She said “Don’t worry about what they say, It doesn’t matter that you are only few cm dilated It doesn’t mean anything! You could dilate very fast from now on, so don’t be discouraged! “
Those words meant a lot to me. They gave me confidence to keep on going. Keep on moving from bath to shower to sitting to standing and going around again. I guess another few hours have passed when I was checked again and I think I was only 5cm. Again I was devastated. The mid wife suggested that perhaps I should go up to the labour ward. I couldn’t speak, I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t understand why she made that suggestion- was I doing something wrong? Am I screaming too loud and is that why she wanted me to go to labour ward ? Still till today I don’t quite understand why she made that suggestion. My temperature was a little high but not at dangerous levels. At that time Jen stood up for me again! She went outside and told the midwife that I don’t feel comfortable going to the labour ward and that she feels strongly that I should stay at the birth center. Looking back at that moment now I realize how important it was that Jenny talked to the midwife. If she wasn’t there I would have probably ended up at the labour ward, with very strong pain and by this stage probably already 7 hours of labour I am sure they would have insisted to take an epidural. I am sure my husband would had no idea what to say and me being in so much pain and exhausted and unable to really focus too well could have possibly accepted the easy way out. So I am so grateful that I didn’t! I am so grateful that Jen knew how strongly I felt about giving birth naturally and supported me all the way. Throughout labour when pain seemed unbearable she reminded me that everything is fine and what was happening was completely normal and that my body was doing what it was supposed to be doing. This really made me feel more comfortable.
So much was happening during that time, so many things were going through my head, at one stage I really believed I was going to die! But of course I didn’t ? I made it through! I made it because of Jennies support! I made it because she was there supporting, comforting and giving me the reassurance that everything is ok. Although my journey was not easy - when I look back I remember how hard it really was. I am proud and grateful for it! I am proud to have had so much determination to continue through the pain no mater what. I am so grateful to have both Jenny and my husband next to me! I thank God that my baby is healthy and well my little boy was born just before midnight on 11th of Aug 3.75 kg 55cm – A big boy! ?

A huge Thank you and appreciation to Jenny who has shared my journey with me. She was there for me before and during the long ( to me 24 hr ) labour and also she is still continuously here for me now supporting me through the challenge of breastfeeding.

I would highly recommend Jenny as a doula- that extra support meant the whole world of difference to me.

Oxhana & John