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All Natural Water Birth of Lila 20th March 2007 - Nepean Hospital

Birth of Lila (20th March 2007)


I am pleased to have had the privelege of having the first labour which Jenny attended as a doula. My aim for the birth of my daughter was to have a birth which was as natural and spiritual as possible. With Jenny's assistance and advice, I was able to compile a birth plan which the hospital followed to the letter. She was a great support when at 1 week overdue I was threatened with an induced labour (which fortunately did not happen). The following day when my labour started naturally, she met me at the hospital and her presence was greatly appreciated, not only by me but also by the very overstretched staff. She helped to maintain a calm atmosphere for the duration of the birth - 12 hours in all - and made sure that everything went as I had intended. Her encouragement throughout helped me to continue the labour totally drug free.
Jenny continues to have a special relationship with my daughter and I look forward to her involvement in subsequent births. I would be happy to recommend her to any woman who is considering enlisting the services of a doula. For those who are yet to decide on the value of a doula, they are worth their weight in gold! Most midwives seem to agree.

Lucy & Robert Gibbons