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An amazing feet of a 6.5 hour labour and birth of little Lina 3rd February 2011 (RPA Labour Ward)

When I got pregnant I immediately decided that I would prefer an all natural birth. My partner and I started to talk to some independent midwifes and doulas, when we met Jenny we immediately both felt that she would be the right person to support us through this experience. Her calm and down-to-earth nature appealed to both of us and I also liked that she used methods such as yoga and natural remedies to support the birthing process.

My waters broke at 37 weeks and the birthcentre allowed me to wait for a few days to see if I would go into labour naturally, I went to acupunture every day, did acupressure and Jenny gave me some homeopathic remedies and an aromatherapy oil. Every night contractions started and went through the night, one night they were only 10 minutes apart and I had to stand up to cope with the pain but every morning they stopped as soon as it was light. After four days we had to finally decide for an induction in the labour ward instead of the all natural water birth in the birthcentre I had been hoping for. Jenny was a great support during these four stressful days, she supported us and helped me to make peace with the fact that I had to just give myself over to my birth being different to what I had hoped for, she also helped me to understand that it still could be a positive experience.

Despite the induction I was able to get though labour without pain relief and assisted only by midwifes and our beautiful daughter was born after a 6.5 hour labour. Jenny’s support was invaluable with her being there, my partner felt less under pressure and was able to just hold my hand and stand by me. Jenny massaged my back when the contractions got stronger and helped me to concentrate and use all my strength in the pushing stage. Overall she helped me to have trust in my body’s natural ability to birth and feel completely supported and able to accept what was happening.

Before agreeing to the induction we were able to negotiate with the registrar to be still able to have most of our wishes in our birth plan respected, so we did take the placenta home and the cord was only cut after it had stopped pulsating.