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All Natural birth of Diesel on 29th October 2010 (Norwest Private)

This was an amazing and quick birth about 5-6 hour labour - as it is mum & dads second baby - here is Lisa's birth story.

After a very traumatic first birth with my daughter I was understandably quite nervous about going through it all again.   My husband and I decided we would go through the private system this time so we could have better care and more choices.     During my pregnancy I felt it was important to keep exercising and also toward the end start mapping the position of the baby in utero (using a book from the spinning babies website).   I did this because my daughter was born "sunnyside up" or better known as the posterior position, which resulted in a 35 hour back labour and it was only discovered she was in that position when I gave birth to her.   I wanted to avoid that scenario at all costs.   It was also very important to us that this time we have an advocate for us during the labour and someone around that put me at ease and made me feel safe.    That's where Jen comes in.   The first time we met Jen we had many questions and concerns which she calmly answered.   Jen has a very soothing and peaceful air about her, I would describe her as an earth mother, someone safe and nurturing, kind and thoughtful, just the kind of person you need around to bring peace and love in the room during childbirth.   Someone who calms you and helps you to overcome panic, stress and to remind you that childbirth is a normal and beautiful process.   In comparison to our daughter Sienna's birth, Diesels birth was what can only be described as amazing!   I used to be so envious and also completely doubtful of the women who would describe the birth of their children as beautiful and a wonderful experience, to be honest I thought it was a load of crock.   I also thought I could never be one of those women to have a drugfree birth althought I deeply wanted to do it.    After meeting with Jen a few more times before the birth I felt prepared and actually looked forward to the birth as a challenge.   Jen continuously impressed me with her calm confidence and that rubbed off on me.    My husband was glad to have someone there that could allow him to just experience the birth and not stress and worry about it.   The night I went into labour I let my husband sleep as I genuinly believed it was going to be a long while.   I text Jen and let her know  she called me and again encouraged me that I would be OK and that she would come straight over if I needed her.     When the contractions became stronger I was lying down on a lot of pillows but found the pain unbearable and thought to myself if it stays like that I am going to want an epidural.   So I got up and stood in the shower and wow what a massive difference the hot water on my back felt.   I was amazed at how it signicantly reduced the pain and I only had to breathe through it.   During this time I talked to the baby and said "OK sweetheart lets do this, lets get this done"!   After an hour the contractions went to 7 mins apart then quickly dropped to 5 minutes apart only lasting a minute.   I thought they would get much lopnger and worse but they just kept getting closer together until they got to three minutes apart.   I called the hospital between contractions, then my in laws, then got my husband up.   Suddenly they were 1 minute apart so Jen & I decided to meet at the hospital no time to labour at home with Jen.   The car ride wasnt the best and I was just hanging to get back in the shower as sitting was very uncomfortable.   We got to the hospital and Jen was there smelling of beautiful calm & soothing essential oils or something which instantly made me feel better.   I was 7cm dilated when they admitted me & I started to feel a bit pushy, I got straight into the shower and the whole time Jen put the hot shower nozzles on my back and belly and was just like an angel softly speaking words of encouragement and assuring me that I was doing well and to keep breathing to try not pushing too soon.     Even though her socks were getting wet she doted on me and tended to my needs, she made my husband feel so assured that all would be well.   When Jen noticed I was going into transition she got me in a wonderful and comfortable position on my knees leaning onto the back of the bed so that I could go with my body and push when I needed to, it was so natural listening to my body and just going with it.    The Obstetrician arrived and although he is a medical professional and very experienced we felt he negatively affected the dynamics of the room but it was the end and I was ready for my little man to enter the world.   I lost it a little bit but Jen kept encouraging me that I was doing well and after only a few pushes (compared to the two hours with Sienna) Diesel arrived into the world.   My husband delivered him and cut the cord and Jen held my hand and gave me plenty of water when I needed it, she seemed to have a 6th sense about everything.    Jen was very unobtrusive but I really wanted her to stay and be a part of the magic of my little boys arrival.   She was one of the first people to cuddle our little man and helped me to wrap him.   My husband and I were so happy and amazed at how beautifully everything went and it was only then that I realised I didnt want or need any pain relief & did it all on my own.   I highly recommend Jen to anyone considering a Doula she is a beautiful person, very dear to our hearts.   My son is precious and calm and he immediately breastfed well.   He was alert and peaceful and I believe it was due to a calm drug free birth with a huge majority of that due to Jen's presence.   I think every women should have a Doula beside them during Childbirth a Doula should be considered just as much as the Obstetrician and midwife to play a vital part in any babies birth.   Jen is considered family to us and I cant wait till Diesel is old enough so I can tell him about his amazing birth and his beautiful angel Jen that brough peace and calme to us all  - Lisa, Reza and Diesel