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All natural water birth of Pheonix on 17th September 2010 (Homebirth)

This couples Second and amazingly positive calm and reassuring birth and the beauty of being in the right environment for the right reasons for the right kind of people - testimonial below 

After experiencing a birth that did not go to plan, one that resulted in an epidural and forceps after a 36 hour labour, we decided that a natural home birth would be ideal for our second child, a boy named Phoenix.

Before booking a midwife, we looked to what Doula would be best suited for us, and after meeting Jenny, decided she would be right for us. Jenny made us feel supported and confident in our birth choices right from the start. Because of Jenny’s gentle presence, we felt comfortable inviting her into our lives to share the intimate journey of birthing Phoenix.

As it turned out, it was a very wise choice.   We decided on canceling our hospital booking and going with a home birth which turned out to be  a success, and Jenny provided exactly the guidance and calm presence that was an essential ingredient.

As our labour progressed overnight, Jenny provided advice over the phone, until the contractions grew closer, she arrived in the morning. When Jenny arrived we all felt stronger and more confident, Jenny knew exactly what to do to relieve the pain of those forceful contractions, and provided much needed support through a shaky transition. Jenny always remained calm and focussed, which transferred to all of us.

Her assistance with the birth pool, readying heat-packs, administering homeopathic remedies when needed and giving calming, soothing words in the final stage of the birth helped form the exact environment we had hoped for with the birth of baby Phoenix. It was an experience we will always cherish, with the fondest memories of those that were with us.

Thank you Jenny!  

Jessie, Matthew, Jarrah and Phoenix Wooldridge