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Supported birth of Elizabeth 15th November 2009 (RPA Labour Ward)

When I began reading up on different birthing options, I soon felt a strong desire to experience as natural a labour and delivery as possible.  I realised however that getting through labour on my own, un-medicated could be a tall order and so when I read about doulas, this looked like a fantastic option for me.  I made enquiries and spoke to several doulas and decided to go with Jen within about 2 minutes of meeting her.  Jen is everything you could want in a birth support person: she is an extremely calm and grounded woman, a natural nurturer and great gal to boot – the perfect person to have alongside you while labouring.

My gorgeous baby girl was delivered after a long and not straight forward 40 hr labour.  Despite having to be induced when labour stopped after 24 hours (at which point the baby was found to be in the posterior position), I managed to achieve my drug-free, natural birth – no easy feat.  Jenny remained calmly by my side throughout my time in the labour ward, particularly keeping me grounded during the lonely hours before dawn when my birth partners were sleeping.  Jen seemed to anticipate my needs before I was even aware of them myself without being intrusive and was a fantastic calming presence throughout the birthing experience.  When I reached the pushing stage I asked that everyone else leave the room apart from Jen – she was the only person that I felt safe with, to have by my side for that very private and intense time (much to the annoyance of my birth partners and the hospital midwives!). 

If you are having a baby and considering using a doula then I cannot recommend Jen highly enough to have by your side.

Ros & Lizzie xxxx