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All Natural Water Birth of Satya at Home on 14th May 2010 (Homebirth)

All Natural Water Birth of Satya at Home on 14th May 2010 (Homebirth)

Beautiful Divine Homebirth in Katoomba

After Jen was my doula for the birth of my first daughter, there was no question that she should do so again for my next pregnancy. Despite my hospital experience being positive over all for my first birth, I decided to take the homebirth option the next time around. By this time I had met more women who had given birth at home and had the information that I needed to feel that this was the right choice for me.

I didn't even need to discuss my options with Jen as she was already aware of what I wanted - that bond had already been made - and by the time the day of the birth came, everyone involved was calm, relaxed and happy. Most of the morning was spent sitting around my dining table drinking tea, chatting, laughing and generally socialising and enjoying some late autumn sunshine in the garden, until my contractions got to a point where I was finding it difficult to join in the conversation. Without my needing to ask, the pool was filled and I climbed in. Hardly a word passed during the next 2 hours while my second daughter found her way out into the world. The sacred space I had put so much energy into creating was maintained.

Meanwhile Lila, who had been spending the day at a friends house with my mother, had been taken to the local hospital as the excitement of a new baby had worsened her minor chest infection and she was a little wheezy. My husband had to leave to be with her so I was left without the support I would have had otherwise, hence the presence of a doula was even more important than usual! Rob managed to get back in time for the last 2 contractions to receive Satya into the world, and after staying a few more hours went back to the hospital to be with Lila and allow my mother to return home (driven by Jen - doula and taxi service - how good is that?!).

We all enjoyed a good meal, cooked for us by Jen, before retiring for the evening. The next day I discovered that at some point she had brought my washing in and the washing machine was poised to wash the towels used during the birth. The kitchen was clean and tidy and there was little to indicate that a baby had been born in the house the previous day!

If there should ever be a number 3, then I will be keeping the same wonderful doula who has been by my side for 2 beautiful births.