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Assisted birth with just Gas Birth of Quinn - 29th May 2010 (RPA Labour Ward)

Assisted birth with just Gas little Quinn Born 29th May 2010 (RPA Labour Ward)

An amazing show of inner strength and focus using Calmbirth techniques to get through extremely high blood pressure and an induced birth.    Here is what mum has to say.

I found Jen's support during my pregnancy and in particularly the birth invaluable. 

The antenatal visits provided me with an opportunity to discuss things that I probably would not have contemplated and to learn more about the birth process.  Jen has a unique and special way of providing information and guidance.  I always felt like there was no right or wrong way to approach things - rather Jen's assistance allowed me to make informed decisions.

Our son arrived 3 weeks early.  I had intended to give birth in the birth centre at RPA but was induced due to Pre Eclamsia and gave birth in the labour ward at RPA.  Jen was great.  She provided both my husband and I with a great deal of support and encouragement particularly during the latter stages of labour when I became quite tired and my husband somewhat overwhelmed! 

I would definitely recommend Jen to anyone considering having a doula.  It was great to have someone there to support not only me but my husband as well.  Jen was a great source of information and advice.  She encouraged me to think about how I would like to give birth but at the same time provided me with the skills to deal with unexpected situations.  

Emma, Zac and Quinn