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All Natural Birth of Scarlett Grace - 17th November 2009 (Westmead Private Hospital)

Birth of Scarlett Grace - 17th November 2009 (Westmead Private Hospital)

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, like most new mums-to-be I set about trying to read everything I could get my hands on about pregnancy and labour. It became clear to me early on that a more natural, calm birth was important to me, which is when I started to notice the word 'doula' being mentioned in books and on websites that focused on this area. I had never heard of a doula before, but the more I read the more it just made sense to me, so I started looking for a doula to be part of my own labour/birth experience.
Jenny was a perfect match for my husband and I - she made us feel calm and confident and talked through our plans, concerns and questions prior to the big day. My obstetrician even mentioned that I was impressively calm for a 1st time mum and said he should recommend doulas for all his patients!
My labour started naturally at 2am, one week past my due date. It was strong and quick (3 min - 5 min apart straight away) from the start which surprised me. While my husband and I did well on our own in the beginning, after a number of hours it was clear that we needed the extra support. Jenny arrived in the early morning and was immediately so helpful to us both - she stopped any panic that I was feeling and made me focus on breathing and conserving my energy. I had wanted to stay at home for as long as possible to avoid going to hospital too early and being forced into intervention due to 'failure to progress' - with Jenny's help I managed to stay at home until 2pm and arrived at the hospital at 6cm dilated.. such a relief/joyful moment!!

After another 2 hours of active birthing (using the gas only) I was fully dilated and ready to push - I have no doubt that had Jenny not been with us that I would have panicked and arrived at the hospital much earlier in the day and had ended up with a labour very different to the one I had planned! I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Scarlett Grace at 5:27pm - what an unforgettable experience!

Choosing to have a doula was such a great decision and I would recommend Jenny to anyone hoping for a natural, calm, positive birthing experience. Jenny not only encouraged me through contractions but she also supported my husband so he could be an active participant, instead of feeling like a useless bystander. I am so glad we met Jenny and will definitely be asking her to join us for the birth of my next baby.

Brooke, Sam and Scarlett xx