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All Natural Birth of Miriani 2nd September 2009 (RPA BIrth Centre)

Miriani's Birth 2nd September 2009

A calm and relaxed water birth at RPA Birth Centre -

As a single parent-to-be I was very nervous about having the right support in my pregnancy, labour and birth. From the first meeting Jenny was gentle and intuitive, exactly the qualities I was looking for in a doula. My dear friends, Louise and Tash were support people at my birth and together we created a calm, supportive atmosphere for the arrival of my darling girl. Jenny offered unwavering, calm support throughout my pregnancy, suggesting different teas or remedies to assist with various symptoms. She calmed my anxieties and helped me to feel strong and centred.    In labour, she helped to support all of us and helped us to unfold with the natural, organic process of labour which is what I wanted.   Her commitment to me and to my vision of a beautiful, calm birth, and to the creation of that vision through a birth plan and through our meetings, was unwavering.   Giving birth to my daughter was the most incredible thing I have ever done.   It was a calm, powerful, primal experience, and deeply womanly.   My daughter was born into a calm, loving and unconditionally supportive environment, I am grateful to Jenny for her support, and beautiful postnatal visit.   NICOLE