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Quick Natural Birth of Amber Rose 23rd May 2009 (RPA Birth Centre)

Amber Rose's Birth 23rd May 2009

A quick calm all Natural Water Birth in RPA Birth Centre - born 2.5 weeks before her due date established labour taking about 5 hours

Dads Testimonial:  During labour, Jen was great from a spiritual perspective, offering a wealth of knowledge and providing me with breaks from the care of Kris.   Jen is a very calming person.   Her experience with birth was very helpful and I think helped speed up the labour process.   I am sure it would have been slower if she hadn't been there.

Mums Testimonial: Jenny instinctively knew what I needed and where thoughout my labour.   She was never intrusive and I always felt that my husband was my main care provider, however Jenny brought everything I asked for and intuitively knew when I needed a massage, iced water, ice or hot packs.   I was able to roam freely around the room and when I wanted to change position, Jen would be by my side, always ready to run a hot shower or bath, she always had a bucket handy if I wanted to be sick and always offering words of encouragement.    Jenny mentioned my birth plan and communicated my wishes to the Birth Centre and hospital staff, so I did not have to make any decisions along the way or essentially liaise with them at all.    As thiere was another labouring women in the Birth Centre at the same time, the midwife was busily running between both rooms, so it was an immense relief to have someone with experience around birth with us.   When the pain of the contractions was unbearable, Jen came to my side and administered homeopathics and encouraged me with breathing techniques.  She reminded me that there was a reason for all the pain - that I was going to be a mother very soon.   During labour Jenny also took some beautiful photos and filmed the delivery.

Kristina & Dieter