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All Natural Birth of Chika 13th March 2009 (Canterbury Hospital)

Chika's Birth 13th March 2009

A calm quick all Natural Birth at Canterbury Hospital - born one week before her due date - established labour 6 hours
Ravi and I had our first baby, Chika on the night of the full moon in March 2009 at Canterbury Hospital.
Chika arrived 6 days before the due date.  Looking back, I can say that I had a steady, safe, natural birth just as I'd wanted...
Ravi and I moved to Sydney in 2008 and we did not have family or close friends we could rely on so after many discussions, decided on hiring a Doula.
We met Jenny and very much liked her presence and approach.
My labor started around the dinner time and progressed steadily.  However, it was my first time and I was not sure how far I was going and I must have put up with quite a bit of pain just myself....  So by the time we called Jenny, I was in full-on pain...  Luckily, Jenny arrived at our house straight away and was very quick in assisting me to go to the hospital.  I couldn't have thought of even getting to the door, let alone going anywhere in the car!!  I couldn't have thanked enough that Jenny was there with us in the car.  I had to be holding her hands AND constantly changing my postures to cope with the pain while Ravi was driving.  Thank god it was after midnight and there was no traffic on the road...
When I arrived, I was apparently 9.5cm dialated.  Jenny was there to hold my hands, offer water (this made such a difference!!), gave me a back massage, did some homeopath treatment to pick up my slowed contractions and gave Ravi and me lots of support in such right manners.  The midwife had to be in and out of our room so it was so assuring to have our own specialist who could be with us all the time!!
After Chika was born, I was on natural high for a few hours.  Ravi and I were very happy that we got to share these special moments with Jenny and enjoyed her company after the birth.  Thank you Jenny and I feel very confident for the next birth as my first one went so well!!!
thanks so much again for your work jenny

Sayoko & Ravi