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All Natural Birth of Wolf 11th January 2009 (RPA Birth Centre)

Wolf's Birth 11th January 2009

Born Naturally in RPA Birth Centre

I was fairly apprehensive when my husband raised the idea of a doula for my first baby. The idea of a relative stranger watching me in labour did not appeal at all.

After meeting Jen through her pre-natal yoga class, I quickly realised she had a perfect energy for the job, and from our initial doula 'interview' I knew that Brad and I had made the right choice.

Jen arrived at our house in the early stages of labour and stayed by my side till Wolf arrived many hours later. Her calming words and gentle wisdom form a large part of my memory of a very intense day.

Brad, so he tells me, was run off his feet from the very start and reckons that he simply could not have done it without Jen being there for me, when he couldn't.

One of our major concerns was ensuring that our new family would be able to enjoy the very personal and private time together after the birth. It speaks volumes of Jen's skill, and we are so pleased to be able to say, that Jen walked perfectly that very fine line between being there for us and giving us the space we needed when it mattered.

Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to you Jen!

Krista & Brad