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1 Successful VBAC for 3rd birth baby girl April born 16th August 2011 (Canterbury Hospital)
2 All Natural Birth of baby Oliver 6th July 2011 (Sutherland Hospital)
3 An amazing feet of a 6.5 hour labour and birth of little Lina 3rd February 2011 (RPA Labour Ward)
4 All Natural birth of Diesel on 29th October 2010 (Norwest Private)
5 Assisted birth of Montana Grace on 13th October 2010 (Norwest Private)
6 All natural water birth of Pheonix on 17th September 2010 (Homebirth)
7 Assisted birth of Daniel due to transverse position of bub born 1st Sept 2010 (Fairfield Hospital)
8 Supported birth of Elizabeth 15th November 2009 (RPA Labour Ward)
9 All natural water birth of Macey on 20th July 2010 (RPA Birth Centre)
10 All Natural Water Birth of Satya at Home on 14th May 2010 (Homebirth)
11 Assisted Birth of Baby Grace born on 26th March 2010 (RPA Labour Ward)
12 Assisted birth with just Gas Birth of Quinn - 29th May 2010 (RPA Labour Ward)
13 All Natural Birth of Annika - 11th February 2010 (Royal North Shore Private Hospital)
14 All Natural Birth of Scarlett Grace - 17th November 2009 (Westmead Private Hospital)
15 All Natural Birth of Miriani 2nd September 2009 (RPA BIrth Centre)
16 Supported Birth of Evan 9th August 2009 (Ryde Birth Centre to Royal North Shore)
17 Homebirth to Cesarean Valentina's Birth Story 4th August 2009 (St George Public Hospital)
18 Quick Natural Birth of Amber Rose 23rd May 2009 (RPA Birth Centre)
19 All Natural Birth of Chika 13th March 2009 (Canterbury Hospital)
20 All Natural Birth of Wolf 11th January 2009 (RPA Birth Centre)
21 All Natural Birth of Gabriella 6th November 2008 (Liverpool Hospital)
22 Supported Birth of Marley (Prempuri) 1st April 2008 (RPA Labour Ward)
23 Supported Birth of Callum 1st February 2008 (RPA Labour Ward)
24 All Natural Birth of Gaolin 11th August 2007 (RPA Birth Centre)
25 All Natural Water Birth of Lila 20th March 2007 - Nepean Hospital