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My Doula Service Options

Me_Massaging_Client_BrookeMy Doula Package

1 Obligation free meeting

3 Pre Natal Visits (maximum 2 hours each visit)

On call and attending your labour as you need until you have delivered the baby.   

1 to 2 Post Natal visits (this first visit within 2 weeks post birth) 

I will type up your Birth Story for you

Email and Phone contact as you need

Borrowing of any Books or DVD from my Resource List 100_3554



Support options that I can offer you in Labour :

1. Homepathy, Flower and Space clearing essences. 

2. Massage and Acupressure   

2. Yogic Focus/Concentration and Breathing Techniques.


Other Services I can offer:

1. Certified childbirth education

2. Early parenting education

3. Private Pre Natal Yoga Sessions

In these sessions learn body awareness, breath techniques, yoga stretches for all stages of pregnancy, relaxation & meditation. Practicing yoga during pregnancy will prepare mother's physically, mentally and emotionally for birth and motherhood. Benefits include:

• nourishment for body, mind & soul
• provides mental calm in adjusting to the pregnancy
• strengthens the body gradually
• tones the inner organs & may help prevent uterine prolapse
• helps relieve back pain & joint pain
• may help alleviate morning sickness
• may prevent high blood pressure
• provides relief from fluid retention
• helps to build the Mother’s confidence in her own abilities


My FEES and Options

OPTION 1.  $1,000 full fee paid on Booking

OPTION 2.  Two installments $500 paid on Booking and Balance $500 at

                 37-38 weeks.

OPTION 3.  Additional Service Fees for - Childbirth & Early Parenting Education $50 per hour - min 1 hour

                 (can be added onto your Pre Natal Visits or done seperately)

OPTION 4.  Private Pre Natal Yoga Sessions

                 1 class  $60 / Hour or

                 4 classes $200

                 6 classes $280