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About Jenny

About_Jenny_PictureHi my name is Jenny I am the mother of two beautiful children aged 15 and 12.  I am a Childbirth & Early Parenting Educator, Doula and Pre/Post natal Yoga Teacher and Trainer Coordinator for The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life.     My passion is in supporting women before, during and after their pregnancies.   My passions grew over the years of teaching Pre and Post natal Yoga for the past 14 years towards also becoming a Doula and Childbirth & Early Parenting Educator learning from my own experiences as a mother to meeting and listening to many women and mothers to be.    Through this and awareness from my own births I have come to realise just how important it is to have the right information, understanding the steps we need to take to achieve our optimum birth and all this is certainly acheived through ongoing regular Yoga practises.   In an environment where there is obvious calm caring support when venturing towards becoming a parent, we are able to comprehend and learn ways to relieve the mind and body of stressors that may inhibit getting pregnant to slowing down the birthing process.

Simply Birthing Yoga, Education and Support Services has been set up to support you and your partner.   We have created a space for girls and women so that you can feel safe to experience the varying transition from girl to women to mother in a balanced and harmonious way.     Yoga certainly gives us the opportunity to work on ourself so that we become aware of what is needed to create a sense of wellbeing as we move through these stages.

I have done various training as follows through my passion to know more and to keep myself informed and up to date when it comes to birthing.   My Yoga Teacher training was completed in 1997 with The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life and have been doing numerous workshops and trainings over the years as it is my passion to continually increase my skills and understanding in the area of Pre / Post Natal Yoga.

In 2007 I did a basic Doula training on line at Optimum Birth (QLD) 2007  and after this decided I wanted to do the Childbirth and Early Parenting Course.  A pre requisite for this course through the Australian Doula College was that I must do their Doula training - I am so thankful I did, it has been a fulfilling course and enriched the Childbirth Education training I did (Sydney) 2008 and 2009     Have received my Professional Doula Certification through the Doula Register on October 2008 at the 1st Natural Birth Conference   Registered with the Doula Register .      Currently am a member of The Australian Doula College.

Through the wisdom of Yoga  and experiences I have had being a mother and supporting births for the past 4-5 years,  I have come to realise the great importance of a relaxed birth.   Through Yoga we are able to be more conscious of the effect of stressors in our surrounding space and daily life and understand how this impacts on us, together with feeling and understanding the stressors we create within ourself.  

The benefits of relaxation in labour                

In labour, relaxation performs many of the same functions as it does in everyday life:

• Relaxation prevents your muscles from becoming fatigued, especially the large muscle of the uterus (womb).

• It helps you cope better with the stresses of giving birth and enjoy the experience more.

• It helps conserve your energy, so you're less likely to need interventions to strengthen your contractions or to deliver your baby.

• It helps you communicate more effectively with your carers and understand what they are saying to you.

And equally importantly:

• Relaxation helps your baby to cope with labour. If you are relaxed, you won't flood your baby's system with stress hormones that cause his heart rate to speed up. Staying relaxed also means that you breathe more deeply, so that your baby gets more oxygen.

Here is a wonderful article worth reading from Andrea Robertson about Pain in Labour.    To read just how important the right support people are, as well as the ability to relax during labour and the effects this has on the flow of natural hormones during labour